Beautiful Jewels

I love this stuff. So beautiful. So magnetic. They would add life to any outfit. 

This one is EXTRA BOLD!

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest


My Favorite Way to Add Some Life to an Outfit!

Bracelets are simply my favorite type of accessories. I can’t tell you how many I have. I have cheap ones, expensive ones, handmade ones, -you name it! What’s great about bracelets and bangles is that they can be dressed up and down. Wear beaded ones to the beach, a nice solid gold bangle to work, or mix and match. It doesn’t take much effort. Getting dressed every morning and putting together an outfit shouldn’t be like a second job. It should be quick, FUN, and an expression on who you are.

In a simply, outfit, bracelets can add that extra “Something”.

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Source: via Meredith on Pinterest