Coachella 2012: Yes music, but mostly BOHO FASHION!

Coachella 2012 was certainly a place of great music and entertainment. But for the fashion lover, it was a place of Bohemian styled lookbooks of great fashion. The fashion looks so similar to Woodstock.

Easy, breezy, a bit “hippie”, and free.  

Coachella 2012

Stella McCartney embroidered top
€630 –

Miss Selfridge feather hair accessory
$26 –

Phase Eight floppy hat
£30 –

Balenciaga oversized sunglasses

Source: via Giulia on Pinterest


Topshop corset top
$48 –

Opening Ceremony floral skirt
£445 –

Mara Hoffman bikini swimwear
$195 –

Opening Ceremony high heel boots
$615 –

Dooney Bourke backpack
$195 –

Mirror necklace
$50 –

Zadig Voltaire cuff bangle
$1,680 –

Lanvin floppy hat
$1,725 –

Round sunglasses
$369 –

Philosophy sun care
$26 –

Results for DECOR:Artificial Plants
$58 –

Coachella: Ian & Nina

Bohemian Style: Bringing life back into old fashion!

Bohemian Style has been popular for some time now. But some people are intimidated by the abundance of color, patterns, accessories, or “fun”. It doesn’t have to be that way though!

Bohemian style is about being relaxed, and looking a bit “un-done” rather than perfect. It’s hard to mess up this style because there’s so much room for individuality.

There are a few things to remember however:

  • Try to pick a color hue (maybe 1-3) and stick to it if you’re wearing a lot of accessories

  • If you’re wearing a dress that’s colorful and full of detail or pattern, don’t wear overly color accessories (i.e. many bangles, a necklace, earrings, head band, rings, and a color bag). Instead, wear maybe ONE colored item, and have the rest be in a gold or silver pallet.

  • Sometimes, something as simple as putting your hair in a ponytail, or bun can take a look from “too much” or “OMG, where did she get that?” 

  • What you wear is an expression of who you are. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Be comfortable in your style

  • Contrast is not always a bad thing. Just make sure it’s not over done

  • Keep makeup to a minimum with natural tones

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

And remember: Bohemian is about being free! It’s about fun! It’s about expression! You can mix and match, just don’t wear everything you have in your closet or jewelry box!

If there are any other rules to bohemian style you would like to share, please do!