Coachella 2012: Yes music, but mostly BOHO FASHION!

Coachella 2012 was certainly a place of great music and entertainment. But for the fashion lover, it was a place of Bohemian styled lookbooks of great fashion. The fashion looks so similar to Woodstock.

Easy, breezy, a bit “hippie”, and free.  

Coachella 2012

Stella McCartney embroidered top
€630 –

Miss Selfridge feather hair accessory
$26 –

Phase Eight floppy hat
£30 –

Balenciaga oversized sunglasses

Source: via Giulia on Pinterest


Topshop corset top
$48 –

Opening Ceremony floral skirt
£445 –

Mara Hoffman bikini swimwear
$195 –

Opening Ceremony high heel boots
$615 –

Dooney Bourke backpack
$195 –

Mirror necklace
$50 –

Zadig Voltaire cuff bangle
$1,680 –

Lanvin floppy hat
$1,725 –

Round sunglasses
$369 –

Philosophy sun care
$26 –

Results for DECOR:Artificial Plants
$58 –

Coachella: Ian & Nina

Penny Pow's Style Diary

Over the last few years this super model has graced the front of magazines, modelled for Victoria’s Secret, fronted advertising campaigns, editorial shoots and become an actress. She’s young, hot,  British, currently dating Jason Statham and is fast becoming the latest style icon du jour! Here’s a flavour:

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Spring Maxi Dress and Accessories for almost NOTHING! Seriously!

I’m a huge fan of Forever 21. I know a lot of people aren’t. But for the prices, I don’t think you can really go wrong. Sometimes, all you want is a simple cotton dress. Why does it need to cost $100? I don’t think it does.

Certainly, there are items that warrant a high price tag, especially if it’s going to last. But I change up my clothes and styles frequently, -not to mention in MN we have serious seasonal changes, so I’m forced to change things up frequently! These items are not items I would ever spend a serious amount on. It’s just not necessary.


Spring Maxi Dress and Outfit for almost NOTHING!

Forever 21 racerback dress
$20 –

Forever 21 clutch handbag
$28 –

Forever 21 earrings
$5.80 –

Forever 21 jewelry
$6.80 –

Forever 21 paper hat
$13 –

Which items do you spend serious money on?

Beautiful Jewels

I love this stuff. So beautiful. So magnetic. They would add life to any outfit. 

This one is EXTRA BOLD!

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

Wide Leg Style

I have loved wide leg pants since I can remember. I’ve been wearing them sinc I was probably 11. Even when they weren’t “in style” I still rocked them. Why? Because I felt like it. Wear what feels good to you, and don’t worry about look how everyone else wants  you to. If you style it right, even so called, “out-of-style” items can look great.



Olivia Palermo's Polished Business Look

Style Does NOT Need to Cost You a Fortune!

Some cute, and lovely, and COMPLETELY AFFORDABLE outfits!


I’m a huge believer in spending my “cash monies” (yes that is what I call it) on certain things:


  • Things that are totally unique, that make my gasp loudly outloud in public, and the imagine in my head that I’m rolling around on the ground with excitement!
  • Items that are timeless (i.e. a nice gold watch)
  • Jewelry that I’m drawn to because it makes me think of my life and my family (gold bangles…so many have been given to me by my mother)

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of any right now!


From Grad to FAB!

Miss Selfridge viscose dress
£32 –

Suede shoes
£4.99 –

Dorothy Perkins clutch hand bag
£10 –

Forever 21 floral jewelry
$7.80 –

Forever 21 longs jewelry
$6.80 –

Sparkle jewelry
$12 –

NARS Cosmetics nars blush
$28 –

Revlon lipstick
$6.49 –

Beauty product
$12 –

Forever 21 nail polish
$3.80 –

H M short tee
£1.99 –

H&M mini shorts
£15 –

H&M ballerina shoes
£3.99 –

Juicy Couture brown hobo handbag
£209 –

H M feather jewelry
£6.99 –
Cute and Inexpensive

Forever 21 strapless a line dress
$25 –

Guess shoes
$93 –

Inexpensive Outfit Choice- Wednesday

White shirt
£16 –

H m blazer
£25 –

H&M slim fit jeans
£15 –

Miss Me black high heels
$35 –

Steve Madden beach tote
$98 –

Banana Republic stud earrings
$35 –

Dorothy Perkins leopard print scarve
$12 –

H&M retro sunglasses
£4.99 –

Lord Berry lip gloss
$18 –

New Arrivals
$28 –
Inexpensive Couture

£4.99 –

Patent leather shoes
£4.99 –

BC Footwear party shoes
$40 –

Shoulder handbag
$32 –

Vintage looking ring
£9 –

Forever 21 vintage jewelry
$5.80 –

Barse black drop earrings
$50 –

Beanie hat
$9.97 –

Forever 21 sequin shawl
$6.99 –

The Colors and Detail That I Love!!



This makes me really want to get myself out of bed and get dressed and cute! No, I have not been in bed all day, I took a nap! Blah blah blah….I’m up, I’m up!

Fun Accessories for Spring!

Oasis enamel jewelry
$20 –

Coralia Leets teardrop earrings
$115 –

Monsoon tri color jewelry
£20 –

Kate spade jewelry
$148 –

Kate spade jewelry
$128 –

Astley Clarke flower jewelry
$180 –

Miso stone jewelry
£5 –

Isharya 18 karat gold earrings
$435 –

Zad jewelry
$22 –

Amanda Pearl snake jewelry
$225 –

K Amato crystal jewelry
$75 –

Mood jewelry
£5 –

Can You Really Have Great Shoes for Less Than $35? Yes!!

I’m not a shoe person. I know! I know! You don’t get it. Every girl is a shoe person. Well, it’s jut not my thing. I think part of it is just that I have weird feet, with long toes, and terribly high arches so shoes just aren’t that comfortable for me. Anyway! My point is, because I know I wont wear most shoes all year round, especially here with Minnesota winters, I don’t like to spend much on my summer sandles. In fact, I don’t like to spend more that $25 on sandles!!

These are some cute shoes that can add a lot to an outfit, but aren’t great for every day wear (in my opinion). These are an example of great shoes, THAT ARE INEXPENSIVE!!  I know I wouldn’t wear them all the time, so spending more than this is just silly.


Are you a shoe person? What shoe is worth the money to you? For me it’s leather boots and my running shoes.

Spring Colors Aren’t Just for Flowers!

Take your wardrobe colors up a notch and add some of these light, but lively tones. Mixing and matching a couple of hues is perfect. Anymore, and you’ll be going overboard. My favorite colors to mix right now are peach and turquoise!! What are yours?

Peach. by herchiie featuring tops

$22 –

$110 –

Forever 21 skirt
$7.80 –

Casadei pumps
£544 –

$26 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip makeup
$23 –

NARS Cosmetics lipstick
$24 –
Flats are so in ...............

D G top
$235 –

H M jacket
£30 –

Tucker skirt
$490 –

$55 –

$55 –

Salvatore Ferragamo tote bag
$1,880 –

TIBI scarve
$75 –

529. Street Style: Milan

€190 –

$130 –

Ankle booties
170 AUD –

Proenza Schouler shoulder bag
£1,585 –

Marni sunglasses
$400 –

This street style has a bit of edge with beautiful flow and attention to detail that I love!!!


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