Braided Styles of Expression

I LOVE braids! They’re easy, fast, and make every outfit look more put together. Unless, of course, you over do it! Remember, braids are like an accessories. Too much of a good thing is precisely that; too much! My dad always told me, “subtle is classy” when it came to jewelry and accessories. For the most part, I think he is right. Although, I am one to wear many bangles. Back to my point….braids! They’re great. Whether you’re hair is short or long, or you want to wear your hair up or down, braids can work for you. Braids are especially great when you have a bohemian style. They’re somewhat “hippie”, and I love it! They’re an expression of style.

How do you wear your braids? OR do you hate them??


Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

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  2. this braided flower looks amazing! 🙂


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